Black Crypt is a four player RPG campaign for the strategy game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It offers challenging encounters, fast paced combat, rewarding boss fights, unique abilities and many secrets for the uncanny. There are multiple ways to complete the maps, and various ways to customize characters by obtaining new spell books or becoming prestige classes.

The search for the legendary black crypt begins at a location separated by two rivers. An ancient tomb located here may have the clues they need. Unrest in the northern forests and the eastern peninsula make this place a dangerous land to explore.
Black Crypt - Two Rivers, the first map of the series, and is available for download.

Legend speaks of a lost temple far to the north. Inside it lies Daricken, legendary king, and architect of Black Crypt. Gaining entrance is no easy task, but the surrounding tombs may reveal clues of a secret entrance.

Black Crypt - Lost Temple is under development.