Released Games

Isoball 3

The third installment of the series, Isoball 3 contains 75 new levels to test your skills, as well as 6 sandboxes, 9 trophies, a brand new look and several unique pieces to challenge you in many new ways. If you haven't already seen it on your favourite flash game portals yet, you can play it here.


Stakka is an arcade puzzle game. Select and shoot coloured blocks to clear levels before being crushed. Score extra points and earn power ups by dropping large chunks of blocks simultaneously. Use powerups and smartbombs cunningly to earn massive points. If you haven't already seen it on your favourite flash game portals yet, you can play it here.

Isoball 2

Sequel to the highly popular puzzle game, Isoball 2 brings in 50 brand new levels of puzzling mayhem, 10 sandboxes, a shiny new skin and some very nifty new pieces like conveyors to speed up your ball, portals to teleport it, and phase bridges to challenge your timing skills. If you haven't already seen it on your favourite flash game portals yet, you can play it here.


A flash puzzle game where the objective is to build increasingly complex using the given blocks to assist the ball in reaching the destination hole, in 20 levels and 5 unlockable sandboxes. If you haven't already seen it on your favourite flash game portals yet, you can play it here.

Games In Progress

Diablo Wing

Diablo Wing is a game in development that aims to combine the best features of several Shootem Up and Action RPG games and create a highly addictive, action packed game with infinite replay value. As a Shootem Up game it aims to have dozens of weapons, 7 worlds with unique boss fights, randomly generated encounters, and multiplayer with up to 3 players. The players' pilots level up as they accumulate experience. This allows them to increase their stats and obtain new skills from several skill trees. Enemies drop items ranging from guns to heavy artillery to shield modules to wing plates. Items can have a multitude of randomly generated modifiers on them, boosting the ships' abilities like stability or thermal resistance.

A playable alpha version is now available. Apart from the lack of boss fights, skill trees or multiplayer it is fully playable over 7 worlds against randomly generated waves of enemies. The item and leveling systems are fully functional.

Sector 6P

Sector 6P is an asteroids/spacewar style game played on a single machine with up to 6 players. Three people may play on the keyboard (or separate keyboards), one with the mouse, and two with gamepads. It features five different ships, each of which are equipped with a different primary fire mode, secondary ability and a turbo booster. Primary fire modes range from the comet to the autocannon to the photon torpedo. Secondary abilities range from turbo heatsinks to energy shockwaves to laser sights. Ships may overheat from repeated weapon fire or ability use, which temporarily disables all offensive capabilities for several seconds.

There are two types of ships with different control methods. One kind excels in close range dogfights, while the other kind performs better in long range barrages. Overall, all ships play differently, and each ship must be mastered in itself to be effective against an experienced foe.

A playable version is now available. Apart from the lack of a frontend interface and customizable hotkeys it is fully functional. Refer to the readme for detailed information on the controls.


Outbidder is a singleplayer trade / auction game being developed in flash. The overall goal is to buy low, sell high, and make a profit. There are side tasks to spice things up; Simple leveling and abilities like negotiation, procurement and wholesale. Bulk order requests and mini missions. Several different markets ranging from groceries to chemicals to the automotive industry to the stock exchange. A multiplayer trading component for the game is also under consideration.

An early alpha prototype is available for preview. Disclaimer: All graphics are placeholders and this is in no way a representation of how the finished game will look or play. Everything is subject to change!

Maps & Mods

Black Crypt

A four player RPG campaign for the strategy game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, that offers challenging encounters, fast paced action, rewarding boss fights, unique mechanics like alchemy and cantrips, and easter eggs like secret abilities and hidden recipes. It gives players multiple ways to complete the map, and various ways to customize their characters by obtaining skill books from shops and boss encounters, or becoming prestige classes. More Info...